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Casa G. Firenze

The concept behind Casa G. is to create a relaxing and peaceful environment, to blend architecture, design, antiques, art and collectable items. In collaboration with local artists and artisan we created the lamps, designed the fabrics and collected the marbles and stones for the bathrooms; our tribute to the craftsmanship of the“maestri”who make the city of Florence unique.


The preservation of the Palazzo and its spaces, the ball room, the living room and the hall are the starting point of the project and its long journey. Casa G. took form during two years of meticulous restoration, under the expert eye of its owner Filippo Montani della Fargna and skillful Architect Cecilia Pantaleo. Together they combined their experiences into hotel and furniture design to create the ultimate Boutique Smart Hotel with a strong home feeling. Their common drive, inspired by a timeless aesthetic, was to synthesize the essence of Florentine’s craftsmanship and combine it with essential design. Furniture, lamps and textiles as well as the materials used for the bathrooms were created to give a sense of unity while collectable furniture and arts give the spaces diversity and uniqueness. A special thought was given to the well being of our guests: user friendly design, pale colors, soft materials, natural fabrics and modern technologies guarantee a comfortable and memorable stay at Casa G.


Restored in the early 2022 CasaG. welcomes you in the Palazzo Ginori in Rondinelli, a noble Palazzo with a strong heritage. Once the headquarter of the Ginori porcelain production, home of Paolo Lorenzini and his brother Carlo best known as Collodi, famous for being the writer of Pinocchio. Abandoned for decades, it has now been transformed to become a Boutique Hotel.